Wendy: Goodbye to Thailand - one last look! 

We arrived back in Seoul at about 8:30pm last Thursday. It was strangely good to be back "home." Isn't it odd how you get tired of vacation after a while and all you want to do is get back into the swing of things? Perhaps it's just me, but I'm sure at least one other soul can relate!

As we stepped off the plane, back onto South Korean territory, I noticed that it felt noticeably more like home than it did before we ventured off to the land of Thai's. I guess that's expected, but it was sort of a relieving experience. Don't get me wrong: I am still wiggling my way past the culture shock thing, but the familiar lull of Korean syllables floating about the airport and a wallet (semi) full of Korean Won put a smile on my face.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few more pictures from my wonderful Thailand adventure. I've dubbed this set "The faces of Thailand." Enjoy!


A woman selling pineapple (I'll miss the juicy pineapple)! You get 1/4 of the delicious fruit, skinned and chopped with an extra-long toothpick for 10baht (approximately .30 cents)


A woman selling some delicious treats, also for 10baht. It was this dried, sweet/basil-y crispy pancake ordeal. Yum!


A mother and son in a tuk-tuk


Cat faces count, too!

Cat Tea Party in Bangkok

I dubbed this a royal cat tea party! There are many, many animals roaming the street - from stray dogs to stray cats, to rats to squirrels and birds. Buddhism cares deeply for the animal world and it's not strange to see food outside of businesses for the sweet critters!

Young Thai Peeling Bananas

A boy cutting banana's in Kanchanaburi province


A sweet, blind man at Chatuchuck Market. He was friendly and judging by all the proudly displayed magazine covers with his face on the front, he's known! He noticed our US accent and put on these rad America-hued shades immediately!


Musicians at Chatuchuck Market


This fabulous barista knows how to put on a show. He would twirl and spin underneath the shade of the coffe-stand's umbrella, all the while dumping the mixture from one canister to another. Truly impressive!


A monk takes a breather from the hot and muggy Thai weather as he drinks fresh coconut alongside the busy street.


Speaking of coffee, this kitty was selling some down the street from our hostel! I'll take an iced mocha, please!


Some "lady boys" looking saucier than most women at a bar in the Patpong 1 area near Silom (Thailand's world-famous, red light district).


I love the mix of old and new, here.


A street vendor wipes some hot sweat (and likely pollution particles) from his brow as a local walks on by.

And a few extras:


Read these closely. Truth or dare Jenga at the hostel


Oh tuk-tuk's, how I'll miss ye


Rambutans - a delicious fruit!


A "wai-ing" female statue, often found outside of businesses


Offerings for Buddha


A woman praying to buddha


What beautiful colors! Rooster in Kanchanaburi


Wat Arun. Picture taken while aboard a Chao Phraya River water taxi at sunset.


Cutest little piggy's for sale ever!

'Tis all for now. I'll update this blog apprx. once a week with my thoughts and photos from Seoul, South Korea. Within the next 3-6 months I'll pack up and head to both China and Japan, so look forward to that! :)



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