Web exclusive: Kammy's Kause event in Fortville 


Kammy’s Kause
American Legion Campground
Friday, Sept. 14-Saturday, Sept. 15, donations accepted, $5 parking, all-ages

The Fourth Annual Kammy’s Kause, a music festival devoted to raising money and awareness for the chromosomal disorder 4p-, will host 10 Indiana bands, including The Franchize, The Twin Cats and the Blue Moon Review, among others, this weekend at the American Legion Campground north of Fortville, Ind.

The 6-year-old Kamdyn Hiner, the namesake of the concert, was born with 4p-, a rare disorder with only around 600 cases worldwide, which involves severe to profound developmental retardation and physical disabilities. Proceeds from the concert will go to the 4p- support group, which gives parents and kids a chance to network and share similar experiences. Kammy’s Kause is the largest fundraiser for 4p- support, and the money raised at last year’s concert gave eight families the opportunity to attend the national 4p- conference.

Several children with 4p-, along with their families, will attend this year’s concert, so that others can associate a face and a name with the obscure disorder. Hiner’s dad, Jared, who organized the benefit with the help of his mother, Lynn Loudon, and others, shares a story from two years ago about the unexpected impact of this festival.

“One of the girls [is] Karly. She’s 16 years old and in a wheelchair, and we had to get her up on the stage. Blair, the bass player from Shadyside Allstars, and Steve Fulton, the drummer from Mardelay, were standing right there. I looked at them and said, ‘Would you guys give me a hand real quick?’ And so they raced on over there, picked up her wheelchair and put her on stage so she could be up there with everybody else,” Hiner says. “About a week later, I talked to each of them on different days, different times and both of them, in almost the exact same words, said that, ‘Everything was great, the festival was fun, but the one thing I’ll never forget is putting her wheelchair up on stage.’ And as little effort as that took from the both of them, it created a ripple that obviously is still going today.”

Original State of Mind, Chad Mills, Digby, Jenn Cristy, Mardelay and Say round out the lineup. The American Legion Campground is located off of I-69 at Exit 14, one exit north of the Verizon Wireless Music Center, then 2.5 miles down S. R. 13.


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