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“Samus Octology”
Translation Loss Records
4 stars

Make room for another instru-metal band with ambitious designs.

Boston’s Irepress (pronounced EAR-press) makes a grand debut with the full-length “Samus Octology.” The quintet perfectly blends Explosion in the Sky’s searing and soaring emotion with Don Caballero’s complex arrangements.

Many of the songs take the form of a delicate dance between baroque euphony and a heavier astringent that’s somehow congruent. That’s true of the oceanic distortion that commences the disc, segueing into a hefty low-end, stuttering beats and the aerial tremolo on “Pah No” to the delicate and damaging “Pistole.”

In fact, “Samus Octology” plays more as one long piece, where each song is really more like a movement rather than something that stands on its own. Ergo, Irepress plays the kind of music that can both command your full attention and settle into the background.

And for those still not convinced rock music can work without a singer, a serious and open-minded listen to “Samus Octology” (or anything by Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor for that matter) dispels that notion. Irepress combines for the kind of assiduous intricateness and free flow of ideas that conjure more poignancy and thought than lyrics often can.


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