Web exclusive: Combichrist at Talbott Street 


Combichrist, Imperative Reaction, Modulate
Talbott Street
Monday, Sept. 3

Combichrist performed to fans of aggressive industrial music at Talbott Street on Monday. It was truly a night of proliferation, as the pinnacle of electro-house and industrial music merged. Readers may remember the Combichrist DJ set several months prior at Talbott Street when Andy LaPlegua, Combichrist’s lead singer and frontman, performed as DJ Scandy.

His band’s impressive, full-sized tour bus, similar to the buses that roll in and out of Verizon Wireless Music Center on a weekly basis, forecasted the size and scope of this event. Indianapolis was about to get a taste of the progressive music that our neighboring cities of Chicago and Cincinnati have taken for granted.

Stylistically, LaPlegua tried to pull the industrial scene in his own direction. The opening acts Modulate (from Europe) and Imperative Reaction (from L.A.) were world-class in their own right.

True fans of electronic music caught Modulate sampling classic house tracks in their songs — amusing, since industrial, in part, influenced the development of house. But for the industrial scene to feed off house music was quite possibly a sign of reconciliation between the two.

Imperative Reaction was a crowd-pleaser, causing the city of fans that never seem to dance to get up and move. High energy rhythms brought even the most distant fans of the genre to say, “This is industrial; this is great.”

Seeing Talbott Street transformed into a concert arena only goes to show that venue is Indianapolis’ untapped cultural resource. The bar whose slogan is “the place where culture and diversity meet” has definitely made headway into this realm. Talbott Street has hosted acoustic rock, industrial, indie-rock, DJs and, of course, performers during their Friday night drag shows.

So for anyone to think they know what Talbott Street entails, wait a while and the venue will do something different.


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