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“Und Die Scheisse Andert Sich Immer”
Big Sir
Gold Standard Laboratories
4 stars

Big Sir, the collaboration between Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete de la Pena and Air’s Lisa Papineau, deserves to be more than a side project.

That’s because the songs on their CD, “Und Die Scheisse Andert Sich Immer,” find a striking balance between chill and, as the kids say, keepin’ it real. These tracks ooze cool, irresistible vibes.

The operative word is groove, and there are all types to enjoy here: the febrile (“Rejoice the Rig”), the grimy (“Hammer on Pull Off”) and the frankly badass (“Saticoy Street”), which Pena provides via bass on just about every composition.

Papineau, meanwhile, has a wispy voice to contrast the direct, sometimes abstruse music. It all combines for pure magic on the woozy, slow heat of “I Lie Down” and the sonorous “Saxophone” that still manages to sound cutting-edge. Even when Big Sir sounds halfway normal, as with the skipping bump-and-grind of “Eastside Westside Blue,” the sporadic, disconnected sounds floating all over the background make it unique.

It takes special performers to make music this involved sound so simple and sinfully delectable. Expect “Und Die Scheisse Andert Sich Immer” to be played in finer clubs near you soon.


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