Watch out for the new draft 

Also: casting a protest vote

Also: casting a protest vote
One of the big stories in the media last week was on the possibility of reinstituting a national draft. While the White House tried to downplay the possibility and John Kerry tried to avoid saying anything about it, something tells me we're already heading down that road no matter what.
I'm with Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush on this issue. I'm all in favor of a strong military and plenty of exciting wars, as long as I don't personally have to fight them.
Sen. John McCain came out forcefully against the idea, but others are beginning to say we will eventually need to return to a system of compulsory military service. I've long been in favor of a draft, on the notion that a) I'm too old to be drafted and b) it would empty the nation of men 18-25 and leave millions of single women boyfriend- and husbandless for years at a time. It would also be easier to score Ozzfest tickets if every man in that age range were fighting in Iraq. But the 21st century version of the draft being talked about would also involve women and would also include all Americans 18-49. Now that's just plain wrong, particularly if it involves me getting my brains blown out on a battlefield. I'm with Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush on this issue. I'm all in favor of a strong military and plenty of exciting wars, as long as I don't personally have to fight them. But since times have changed, the nature of the draft needs to change as well. Under my plan, people who opposed the war in Vietnam but have advocated future wars will be the first people drafted. Limbaugh, Cheney and W. will be the first three people called into service, followed shortly by Newt Gingrich and the rest of the chickenhawk Republicans. Special military duty will be set aside for the people who write and vote for the draft resolution. Veterans of previous wars are exempted from the new draft. That helps out John Kerry, who killed 20 Vietnamese soldiers, but not George W. Bush, who during that time killed off a case of Jack Daniel's. You may think I'm kidding, but the Luciferian wing of the Republican Party is already working on reinstituting the draft. This is something very real and very possible, particularly if Bush wins in November. It's part of the Sovietization of America. Compulsory national service is just part of that equation, along with increased surveillance, the repeal of privacy laws and the diminishing of the free press. If you're under 50, get ready to serve the country by peeling potatoes, monitoring security cameras or helping assemble bombs. If you don't like it, you can spend five years in military prison. If you want to go to Canada, you can, but don't expect to ever come back home again. Your future will consist of avoiding the secret police, being careful of what you say even in private, being forced to attend rallies to hail our courageous leaders and watching America being transformed. Television will consist of patriotic songs on half the channels and all-points bulletins for enemies of the state on the others. Your options are also severely limited if you don't like this picture of future American society. You can either sign on and join the Luciferian group or you can become an outcast, living in the woods and staying away from society. There is a small window of opportunity for you if you want to take it. Make sure you, and everyone you know, are registered and ready to vote against the Luciferians this November. They can't take over the country unless you allow them. Where are all of the conspiracy theorists who dominated political discourse in the 1990s? If burning people alive in Waco is bad, you'd think the radical transformation of American government would be worse. But they're not paying attention. And even the Democrats, feeling pressure to move to the political center, haven't done much to protest the dismantling of the Constitution. Once again, it's up to the everyday person to make things happen. You can take a small step in that direction by going out and voting in the Indiana primary on Tuesday, May 4. Most all of the races have already been decided, but it's still an opportunity to try out the new voting machines and see if you get harassed at your precinct. I've lived in my current location for eight years, and every time I vote, I get harassed for identification and am told my current signature doesn't match up with my old signature. I just laugh and play along. You should do the same. If you do face harassment when trying to vote, or if you're disallowed from voting on some technicality, you have some legal recourse. Try calling the Marion County Clerk's office at 327-4740 first. Then call every local media outlet you can find. If you're a Democrat, you may want to consider voting in the Republican primary this time so you can make your voice heard in the governor's race. Bush henchman Mitch Daniels is running against Eric Miller, the radical Christian right candidate. A Miller victory would give the state a clear choice between reason and insanity. Or you can register a protest vote for one of the departed Democratic presidential candidates. Howard Dean, John Edwards, Wesley Clark and Dennis Kucinich remain on the ballot with John Kerry. Either way, do your duty and vote next Tuesday. It could be one of your last opportunities to express an opinion.

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