Warped Tour: Is it worth your while? 

A few posts ago (I measure my time not in days and weeks, but rather by blog posts), I presented an outlandish list of concerts that I wish would happen in Indianapolis this summer. Just to prove to you how far-fetched they were, the band with the best chance of actually fulfilling my request, Bomb The Music Industry!, read my post and responded with a definite "it ain't gonna happen." Ouch.

Now that my summer fantasies have been dashed to pieces (weeks before the Solstice, mind you), it is time to focus on the harsh realities of the summer concert schedule.

When I think "summer" and "punk", my mind, for whatever reason, still automatically conjures up images of Van's Warped Tour. Now in it's 15th year, the Warped Tour has become notorious for showcasing flavor-of-the-month fad bands. This year, the tour is living up to this infamous tradition by featuring hilariously bad acts like Breathe Electric and We The Kings.

Despite its reputation there are, yet again, a handful of bands on the Indianapolis date (July 6th, if anyone cares) that might make the $30 price tag, the scorching heat and the possibility of accidentally having to see We The Kings worthwhile.

Floridian folk-pop-punks Fake Problems will make their first appearance in Indianapolis (well, Noblesville) that isn't in a basement. Their most recent album, It's Great To Be Alive, was an underground success, but not big enough to put them on one of the main stages. I'm sure that baking in the brutal July sun on a sticky side stage will actually make them wish that they were back playing in a cool, damp basement.

Also playing are long-time favorites of mine, Alkaline Trio. With seven popular studio albums under their belts, the Chicago trio doesn't really have to try anymore. They can draw a crowd anywhere, and their set will most certainly be a highlight of the day for Warped Tour.

The same goes for New Jersey quartet The Bouncing Souls. While the ideal time to see the Souls would have been about twelve years ago, it would still be worth while to check out their set to hear such gems as "Kate is Great" or the weather-appropriate "It's Not The Heat, It's the Humanity".

The band I am most looking forward to seeing, however, is none other than Andrew W.K.. AWK has had a wild decade. After emerging from bizarre musical obscurity with 2002's I Get Wet, the rock and roll party icon dropped off the map for a while following his second album, The Wolf. Since then, his touring has been sparse and erratic...and solo. Playing with a backing track instead of a backing band, AWK has re-established himself in the underground as a true weirdo. While I'm not exactly sure whether or not he will be playing with a full band, I can guarantee you that AWK alone will make this year's Warped Tour worthwhile.

Andrew W.K.: Hes totally wearing lipstick.
  • Andrew W.K.: He's totally wearing lipstick.


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