Waiting for IndyGo 

I think your analysis (Hoppe, “Indy, meet Bogota,” Oct. 17-24) is especially timely, with IndyGo rolling out the new “Commuter Express” service for the northern suburbs.

If the Star’s reporting is accurate(!), the Commuter Express served about a hundred riders on six separate runs on its first day. The picture in the paper showed some well-dressed passengers who appeared to be enjoying the ride. Ironically, my IndyGo experience on that same day was somewhat less than ideal: I spent an extra half-hour waiting for the eastbound “10” on Fort Wayne Avenue. When I finally called IndyGo to find out what was up, I was told that the 2:50 bus was running late because of a problem with a wheelchair at Wishard. The 2:50 eventually showed up just before the 3:20 — the two runs were about half a minute apart, instead of half an hour — and both buses were jam-packed with people.

This all sounds like petty griping, and it is. I didn’t need to be home at any particular time. But what about the other passengers? There were about a hundred of us on the two buses; that’s roughly equal to the amount of people served by the six deluxe vehicles that drove in from Fishers. How many urban passengers are settling for little or no employment because they can’t trust IndyGo to get them to work on time? The northside project is a crucial part of the picture, and I really want to see it flourish, but our public transportation system could use help all over the place.

Michael Toulouse

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