Vivaldi's Four Seasons 

Four thousand people filled the amphitheater and reveled in three centuries of deeply poetic music as interpreted by Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Zach DePue, performing as soloist and leader. Magical, ethereal, emotionally uplifting only begins to capture the communal sense of being at a place in a slice of time when natural elements converged precisely to illuminate music, and music so seamlessly partnered with the natural world surrounding us. Brilliant hues of sunset illuminated Edvard Grieg’s (1884) Holberg Suite for strings, Op. 40. DePue presented this composition as a chamber work with violins and viola players standing, cellists and bassists sitting (or standing). In the trading off between lighter and darker tones, the interplay married with the movement of clouds and sun rays. Adding Gustav Holst’s (1905) St. Paul Suite just as the breeze skipped across the prairie, a spiraling sense of mystery added heft to the composition’s interweaving of English folk songs. Holst’s friendship with Vaughn Williams is delightfully evident. During the changeling interludes between eventide, dusk and half-moon illuminating darkness, DePue and ISO string players brought to life shimmering imagery of Antonio Vivaldi’s (1725) Four Seasons. DePue’s playing throughout offered a deft precision to the entrance and exit of each set of ideas. What sometimes gets lost in a full symphony rendition was revealed with a smaller ensemble. Enchanting. —RK


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