Video: oddly engaging IU celebration 

We are interrupting this edition of the Roots Rock Music Experience to show you one of the oddest videos I've seen in a long time.

Thursday night in Bloomington, the IU Hoosiers beat Illinois 52-49 in men's basketball. Great win for IU. Illinois was ranked in top 25 in both polls. IU had played like crap in losing to a horrible Iowa team last weekend. And can we all admit at least a cursory understanding of how and why IU hoops has been mired a years-long cycle of wrong coaches, wrong players and the beyond-patient rebuilding process?

With that point understood, after IU won the game (Illinois missed a last second three-pointer to tie), fans went apeshit (is that one or two words? I vote one). It was a loud crowd all night - engaged and glad to finally be seeing some defense played by the home team. Students ran onto the floor a few seconds following the buzzer. More naive craziness that anything, celebrating the first win since Tom Crean has been coach that their team has beaten a ranked team. It's all good, clean fun.

So someone in the hallway and in the South lobby of Assembly Hall had a video camera rolling as students were still chanting and whooping as the fans streamed toward the exits, not really in a hurry to leave. College kids freaking out on fun as if they had just seen a 1969 Sly and the Family Stone show.

Then the crowd parts as a lone figure comes through the hallway, and it all gets surreal. Crean is seen playing the part of the Beatles circa-Hard Day's Night in this YouTube masterpiece. Reminded me of why sports can be fun. And occasionally enjoyed to the point of good nonsense.


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