Dear Lou, I listen to the Smiley Show every week and read your articles. I have had this oddity for several years. I can't exactly tell you how many years but at minimum five years. It happened again last night so this is why I'm actually addressing the matter. Sometimes when I'm dreaming or even sleeping without dreams, I feel while I'm sleeping, or in between sleep (if that makes sense), these vaginal spasms. At first it feels really good but there have been some instances where they last a few minutes and become annoying because I want to go back to sleep. The spasm feels like an orgasm on the outside of the vagina. The contractions - which is a better word to describe the spasms - are at the point of entry. I usually have about three or four a year. What causes these contractions of the vaginal entry point while I'm sleeping? I don't recall having any sexual dreams prior to waking up to these contractions. And, yes, I know what a real orgasm feels like. These contractions are happening without any physical contact. Is it normal to have these contractions? Thanks for your help, Annoying, But Lovin' It Dear ABLI, OK, huge disclaimer out of the way first: I am not a medical professional. I do have to say this is a new one on me. The only thing I've heard of that's close to this is vaginismus, but that's a painful disorder usually attributed to sexual trauma, hardly what you've described. Sometimes women experience vaginal muscle spasms after childbirth, or if they have neurological problems like Multiple Sclerosis, lupus or fibromyalgia. Again, that doesn't fit. Still, see a doctor just to rule out infection. That being said, muscle spasms occur in all sorts of places, because of stress, diet, fatigue and other causes. This is normal and common. And, yes, a vagina can get twitchy from time to time. It may be that you just experience these occasional contractions more intensely than most. And that sounds fun. I'm a little jealous. As for what to do when your fi-fi gets a little too kicky and keeps you awake, I'd try using Kegel exercises to sort of wear her out and get her to settle back down. For those who may not know, a Kegel exercise is done by tightening the muscles around the anus and vagina and holding the contraction. You can find the right muscles by trying to stop an imaginary stream of urine. Tighten and hold for three seconds, release, and hold again. It's like holding your breath and stretching the diaphragm to relieve hiccups. That should help, as well as make sex more enjoyable. If you plan to have babies, Kegels make birth easier and defend against urinary incontinence. I like them because I can do them on the couch in front of the TV or eating my weight in pizza rolls, and in my world that counts as a workout. You might also want to bring this up with your gyno because he or she will probably be able to recommend something I've never heard of. Sweet dreams!

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