Bad faith pleading by sources in NUVO's “Clamoring for Justice” article (News, Aug. 22-29) was detestable.

It is unrealistic to expect Executive Management Services (EMS) to offer affordable health care for employees when it seems that more than half of the nation's employers are unable to accomplish the objective.  

One source, fully aware that the income of a CEO at EMS is far short, quoted "some $14 million" as typical compensation for a CEO.

If simple math prevails, the fired janitor lied when he stated that his net for two weeks work was $310. Gross income for an employee working 80 hours at $7.25 per hour is $580. Employees in the fired janitor's bracket net about 70 percent of their gross. Despite the capacity to shatter 70 percent net by claiming up to nine dependents, the fired janitor insisted that his net was less than 54 percent of gross income.

It was unethical of a third source to exaggerate the financial resources of EMS by implying it could spend a billion dollars on a stadium.

John M. Guertin


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