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Excellent article! If perhaps judged by the standards of newsworthy literature such as the National Enquirer. Since when is the SPLC considered a reliable source of info (News, “Indianapolis Skinheads Appear in Court,” Aug. 29-Sept. 5)? Their entire existence revolves around smearing the names of individuals whose political views are not directly aligned with their pigeonholed agenda.

Nearly half of this article obsesses over the defendants’ looks and attire. Is this an unbiased news story or an excerpt of a fashion review for Vogue magazine? It is quite apparent that this article is predisposed to attempt to steer the opinion on the public to align their thoughts with that of the biased writer, rather than objectively presenting FACTS. An unbiased story would allow the public to form their own opinions based on FACTS instead of hearsay, rumors and narrow-mindedness. I would hope your readers are intelligent enough to read between the lines of this bigotry and form educated opinions rather than allow themselves to be force-fed the writer’s unfounded, rumor-based opinions.

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