Underground: the Elusive Evolution of the HIV Epidemic: various artists 

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This art show was created by HIV affected (both infected and not) individuals in a wide variety of media. While many of the exhibited works have explanations written below them on placards, quite a few of the exhibited works—when taken in together— exude a quiet power and require no written explanation. The photograph "The Color of Shame" by 80 with Kyle Shea portrays a young man with a mask on his mouth with the word "SHAME" written on it. The red streaks (tears?) coming down from his eyes are the only color that you see in this black and white photo. Saudrajo "Mijiza" Holiday's "Power to the Children" is an extraordinarily beautiful semi-abstract portrait done in colors of the rainbow (acrylic on wood) that expresses the artist's concern about children abandoned in Africa due to HIV/AIDS. Tom Willhoite's acrylic and mixed media on canvas "Citizens Alike" seems to have an allegorical element with its seven figures (five black, two red) against a white backdrop that seems to be saying that, whatever our differences, whatever our illnesses, we are all in this together. Through June 24; 317-655-2755, www.athenaeumfoundation.com.


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