Tundra The Polar Bear moves to Detroit 

The Indianapolis Zoo is closing its polar bear exhibit

Tundra loungin' around. - INDIANAPOLIS ZOO
  • Tundra loungin' around.
  • Indianapolis Zoo

Indy's zoo announced today that, in lieu of renovating their in-need-of-updates polar bear exhibit, zookeepers will instead relocate my favorite polar bear Tundra to Detroit. 

Per the official statement: 
The Zoo’s veterinary staff carefully reviewed all of the options and agree that the Detroit Zoo is the perfect facility for Tundra’s needs as a senior bear. Considered one of the leading polar bear facilities in the world, the Detroit Zoo offers large spaces and pools with easy slopes for Tundra to enter and exit the water, especially as she gets older.
Tundra is my favorite polar bear because she was the first polar bear I ever laid eyes on. As an Indy native, I spent many a happy trip to the zoo with my nose pressed up against the glass watching the polar bears lounge around. Lounging around, it seems, is one of Tundra's fave things to do. It even made the Zoo's fun facts about her: 
Gender: Female
Born: Nov. 15, 1986
Distinguishing characteristics: Dainty and very clean
Fun facts: Tundra has been here since the Zoo opened in its current location in White River State Park. Tundra's favorite treat is fruit and honey. She likes to lounge around on the large rock in her exhibit called "the throne." Tundra eats the bodies of fish and leaves the heads for the staff to clean up.
(I also like to eat the bodies of fish and leave the heads for my coworkers to clean up. They absolutely hate it. Unlike, Tundra, however, I am not dainty and very clean.)

Since the now-infamous Cincy zoo gorilla exhibit blowup, the ethics of zoos have re-entered the public conversation. Here's a brief primer on both sides of the conservation argument. 

Need a little polar bear in your life today? Check out the San Diego polar bear cams. 


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