Trump takes Indiana 

Cruz officially suspends his presidential campaign in Indianapolis

It only took a few minutes after the polls closed in Indiana for national commentators to call the Republican presidential primary for Donald Trump.

With only 5 percent of precincts tallied, Trump had a 20-point lead over Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). The percentage difference between the two candidates dropped to about 16 percent before the end of the night but the end result was still the same.

Trump wins Indiana.

Cruz stayed in Indianapolis to watch the results come in. Unfortunately those results were extremely disappointing.

From Indianapolis, Cruz stood before his supporters surrounded by his family and his chosen vice presidential running mate Carly Fiorina and announced the suspension of his campaign.

“From the beginning I said I would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory,” Cruz told the crowd. “Tonight, I’m sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed.”

Cruz never mentioned his opponent Trump, who is now the presumptive nominee for the GOP. Instead he vowed to continue to fight for the values he believes in and drove him to run.

“But hear me now, I am not suspending the fight for liberty," proclaimed Cruz.

Trump thanked his entire family for the support of his continued momentum.

“It’s so important, the people of Indiana have been incredible,” said Trump. “I went there and made lots of speeches and met a lot of incredible people.”

Trump quipped that he had such a good time in the Hoosier state he didn’t want to leave. Thankfully, he made the comment in his victory speech from New York City.

Trump’s tone was mellow and gracious, despite his typical off-the-cuff speech. As the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party, Trump acknowledged Cruz has a one tough competitor as well as all of the candidates who started the primary race. He even appeared somewhat humble.

Okay, maybe not, but he did promise the GOP he would bring a win in November.

The New York Times puts Trump’s delegate count now at 1,042. It is projected that he will get to the necessary 1,237 delegates before the GOP convention in July.


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