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Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks met on the road (she, touring her own project which opened for his then-band The Allman Brothers), married, and soon after exchanged their solo projects for a family band with serious heat. That project – the huge Tedeschi Trucks Band – rolls into Indy for a show at the Palladium on Thursday. Fingers are crossed that in between tracks from their smash hit Revelator they'll premiere new material from their forthcoming third album, which Susan Tedeschi was working on when NUVO dialed her up last week. Look on for more from Tedeschi.

NUVO: Anything you're willing to divulge about the third album I know you're working on?

Susan Tedeschi: We've been in the studio working off and on in between tours for a few months now. Honestly, we have the bulk of the record done. I have to go in and redo some vocals and add some guitar parts and Derek has maybe a solo or two to add. Really, it's just making things a little bit better, adding a few instrumentations here and there. But for the most part the record is done. We're really excited about it. This is our first record not on major label in a long, long time. We just finished our deal with Sony. It's going to be on Concord. We're excited about that too, because we'll be able to do it ourselves, pretty much. It's basically like we're doing it ourselves, but having a great company to help back it.

NUVO: How does songwriting work in your house with Derek?

Tedeschi: In our house, we usually go out to the studio, which is a whole other building in the backyard. We walk through the backyard, and get into this whole other world, which is nice because when I'm in the house, I do write a lot in the house too, but I guess we share more ideas in the studio. So we go out there, and we'll either present some ideas, like, "Here, this is something I've been working on, I have this hook, or I have these chords, or I have this song," could be even that a whole song is done, it's all different ways that we do it. Or, maybe you don't have anything, and you sit around and jam and make some stuff up. There's a lot of different ways we go about it.


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