Toxic Reasons 

Genre: Punk/hard rock

Toxic Reasons stands tall and proud alongside the Zero Boys as one of the biggest, baddest and loudest hardcore bands from Indianapolis. From its beginnings as a Dayton, Ohio, transplant playing straight-up, old-school punk to its primetime peak in the late ’80s as a hardcore metal sensation, Toxic Reasons’ Bruce Stuckey has stuck it out.

“All I had was this band,” he says. “If anybody quit or left, I had to replace them. I had to keep Toxic Reasons going.”

Spend any time at all with Stuckey and you will hear the most incredible stories — like the time the band was stuck in Vancouver, Canada, living in Joey Shithead’s pad, and the only thing they had to eat was a 100-pound bag of potatoes. Or you’ll hear about the time they opened a rabid Dead Kennedy’s gig in San Francisco, Calif., and nearly stole the show. The stories go on and on.

Nowadays, even though Stuckey has found a calling as a chef in one of the top restaurants in town, and after battling the arthritis in his hands for years, he still can’t let go of Toxic Reasons. “This group of guys is probably the best group I had in a long, long time,” he says of his new bandmates, guitarist Kurt Harley, bassist Jason Pizzleman and the group’s original drummer, J.J. Pearson. “We get in a room together and it’s like, almost effortless.”

Toxic Reasons is planning to reissue the classic Kill By Remote Control album for the first time on CD as the group heads to Europe for four show dates early this spring, and new songs are continuously posted on the Web. Plans also include making most of the band’s music available for download.

“With J.J. back in the band drumming and singing a lot more, we are doing more of the old-school stuff,” Harley says. “Now, when you come to a Toxic Reasons show, you get to experience everything the band means and has meant … We’re still doing this because nobody’s killed us yet!”

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