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Show Review
Tori Amos Tuesday March 18 Murat Theatre
Indianapolis" portion of the Scarlett"s Walk tour started out the night before the war with the strong and clear "Wapum Prayer." The vibrant start was a sign of things to come as Amos made the crowd moist despite Jon Evans" over-amplified bass - which sometimes drowned out her vocals. Amos did her usual "piano bench sex," hiking her leg to reveal white calves clad in gold heels. Sometimes she straddled the bench, playing the piano and organ simultaneously, standing in her whimsical gold dress with long red and orange scarves for sleeves and whispering into the microphone behind the backdrop of red mountains and an orange sky made to look like a road map. The show really started when "The Roadside CafÈ" sign came down and she performed songs from her past albums without the help of bassist or drummer. It"s not that those albums are better. But, without the competition from the other players, the audience could finally hear every word she was saying. During this set, she offered a heartfelt version of John Lennon"s "Imagine." The audience cheered throughout the song then gave a standing ovation at the end. From "Imagine" on out, the concert had a more ominous tone, her voice low and matter-of-fact when she sang lyrics like "Can"t stop what"s coming / can"t stop what"s on its way." She didn"t come right out and say, "I don"t want this war." But the message was clear as we filtered out of the theater into the rain.

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