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D.I.Y. has become a buzz term for those that want to declare their independence from... well, just about anything. For our purposes we are using D.I.Y. to describe musicians that work within their own means to promote their art. Perhaps they print their own fliers, or book their own tours. At the very least, a D.I.Y. individual has an active understanding of their art and what they want to accomplish as an artist. As a writer, I'm taking a risk using this kind of vocabulary: some die-hard music fans believe that D.I.Y. should be an unspoken understanding. I believe that it's time to bypass this notion and, as the kids would say, open this pit up.

Marital Roles: Young and savage, this band delivers. One part emo, one part spazz fest. There are no real words clever enough to accurately describe this band and what they do. I can only entertain the idea of a room filled with raw, manic sound. Art school without the art school.

Super Mega Slam Fest at the Indy Hostel: There are some mixed opinions about this show - some people had a good time, others were put off by the lack of attendance. One thing is for certain: this was the only local festival that showcased traditional screamo bands, as well as variations of hardcore.

The Rise of Mediumship: Not all local D.I.Y. is associated with punk rock, hardcore and metal. Our psychedelic brethren in Fountain Square have managed to book all-ages shows and maintain a recording space. I'm crossing my fingers for this space to continue, as our city has lost a great asset in the Earth House Collective.

No Class, Dark Ages, Blind Justice, Side FX at the Hoosier Dome: Scott Kilcoyne has been booking hardcore shows for some time in Indianapolis. Hardcore bands that may have skipped Indy before often stop through simply because of people like Kilcoyne. This show in particular has been cited more than once as one of the best shows of the year, primarily because of the community involved. Also, it's not often that ancestral hardcore - - rather than a strange translation of metalcore - - makes its way to the Hoosier Dome.

Pisshaus & Friends: House venues come and go, but there are always a dedicated few that try to open their basements to the underground. Pisshaus has hosted a variety of local and national bands while successfully avoiding much interaction with their neighbors or the police. There are several other house venues associated with the folks that live here, all of which have cute names. Search the city for fliers and check Tumblr often and maybe you'll find yourself in a basement soon.

Kelsey Simpson is the drummer in DEEZEN and the founder and publisher of local zine The Positive Artichoke.

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