Todd Bracik: Audio, Assemblage and Video 

What may look to you and me like a pile of junk could hold transformational possibilities for a scavenger - or for an installation artist. Todd Bracik is a bit of both. The junk that he hauled into Big Car consists of the rusted cab of a Model-T truck and assorted auto parts. This assemblage is meant to be the centerpiece of a document, he says, of "isolation and identity." This show also includes a two-minute looped video that features footage of steel wire cutting. On audio is piano, slowed down and reversed. That this show never really adds up to more than the sum of its parts isn't necessarily a disappointment. Identity can be a fragmented thing anyway. And you have to give Bracik some credit for having the fortitude to haul all that junk up through the Lynchian maze that is the Murphy Building. Through April 30 by appointment only; 317-450-6630,

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