To love and to be loved 

The distance of being different
I've read Christina Williams article "Sw

The distance of being different
I’ve read Christina Williams article “Swing Votes”(First Person, March 10-17), and I am saddened by her portrayal of the complicated search to be true to herself, separate from her father, while retaining the bond of love they share. Christina reminds us that gays and lesbians are sons and daughters, and when homosexuality “comes out,” the feelings of family members tendered are fragile, and confusing. Christina’s raw emotion touches upon the primary need we all feel — deep down — to love, be loved and to love one’s self. She wades through the logic of the situation — this struggle about acceptance and the distance created by being different. In the end, acceptance, we know, takes time. Although we know that to be true it does not assuage our deepest need to reach out for understanding to those we love. I am a father. Maintaining a healthy relationship with my children is not easy work — trying to match individual perceptions of how love should feel and how it should be expressed. Although answers don’t come easy, Christina’s expressed vulnerability is a very healing gesture. Chuck Corcoran Indianapolis
Keep it in the gutter
The satirical piece titled “News from the Future” by Wank (Antennae, March 24-31) was nicely done and did a good job tweaking us conservatives in our attempt to clean up over the air radio and television. I suppose if I wanted to take the time, I could do a counter-piece with President John F-ing Kerry and Attorney General Howard Stern as they attempt to trample on First Amendment rights of us evil right-wingers who dare to mention “God” in public or, worse yet, do so in a public school! As your satirist contemplates the “right to say the F-word,” please ask him to contemplate the “right” of some KKK’er using the “N-word.” If your answer to the “F-word,” the “G-word” and the “N-word” are all the same at least I can give some kudos for consistency, though you lack Mr. Kerry’s ability for “nuance.” The issue, as I see it, is that the Right of Free Speech has limits and the public, through its government, can set some limits of common decency. If you believe that the express rights in the Constitution are limitless then you disagree with Justice Frankfurter who proclaimed that there is no right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater when no fire exists. Similarly, there is no right to “slander” or “libel” someone. I do not find it discomforting that the “F-word” should be banned from the airwaves and kept in the gutter where it belongs. John L. Sorg McCordsville
No Bert Sugar
General statements of opinion by a few persons and he said, she said comprised much of “Beating the Count” (Cover, March 10-17). Among other things, you failed to mention an amateur boxer representing Indianapolis who won various medals in national competition during the last decade, an Olympic boxing coach living here and the oldest boxing club in the state. Our sport can surely use any publicity it can get, but NUVO readers deserve full development and critical analysis. Joe Parker Indianapolis
Not a partisan political issue
This is in response to David Seay, who addressed himself to those who “choose to ignore the truth” (Mail, “Beyond Comprehension,” March 17-24). I can’t speak for anyone else, but I acknowledge that Bush won every recount — IN FLORIDA. Do YOU acknowledge that Bush LOST the overall national popular vote? Not even Bush ever denied or disputed that fact. That he took office knowingly and willfully AGAINST the will of the majority of American voters — and was able to do so, not even because the Constitution burdened us with the Electoral College, but because the politicians have rigged the College with an extra-constitutional “winner take all” rule that allowed a handful of votes in Florida to outweigh hundreds of thousands of votes nationwide? These are, to borrow your phrase, “The FACTS, easily researched and verified!” Bush thereby expressed his contempt for EVERY American’s vote, yet it is somehow treated as merely a partisan political issue. Why did we not have a great public hue and cry to reform the system? We don’t even have to amend the Constitution, just change the rule to make the College reflect reality rather than hiding it. THAT is what I find “beyond comprehension.” And for the record — NO I did NOT vote for Gore. I’m not complaining about WHO won, but about HOW he won. Lucius Alexander Indianapolis
More than beads and feathers
On Thursday, March 4, the state Legislature passed the American Indian Commission bill, SB 337 over the veto of the late Gov. O’Bannon. There has been not a peep out of the press regarding this historic moment for Indian people statewide. For months, members of the Indian community have been trying to get the word out to Indian people and the general public about the Commission. We have been ignored, marginalized, and chastized for our efforts to publicize the effort to get a voice in state government. As the recent Grammy broadcast on CBS indicates, non-Indians can put on beads and feathers and be applauded for “acting like Indians,” but just try and get the real issues a hearing and see what happens. But we as Indian people in the state, the only state named for “Indians,” are more than beads and feathers. The effort to legislate a statewide commission on American Indians was done primarily by Republican legislators, and the work of two strong and caring Native women: Debra Haza, Odawa, of Columbus, Ind.; and Sally Tuttle, Choctaw, of Kokomo, Ind. 337 establishes a 16-member commission which will advise state government on issues regarding American Indian health care, employment, education, and cultural resource management, as well as serving as a voice for Indian people. Indian people in Indiana are doctors, lawyers, educators, state and federal employees, owners of private businesses, and well aware that we have to fight the history of this state for the least little bit of recognition of our culture and our rights to be who we are: Indian people. There are no federally recognized tribes within the borders of Indiana, thanks to a long history of Indiana marginalizing and pushing Indian tribes and nations from within its borders. You would think that those times have changed, but we know they have not. Even this newspaper, which we read weekly, has been repeatedly contacted with regards to the Commission and other important social issues, and there has not been one story about Indian efforts to resolve our crucial problems. Nindo giche miguitch nitkakoek Sally ewi Debra. Which is Podewadmi zhesh mowen for, “From our hearts a big thanks to you our sisters, Sally and Debra.” Never heard of Potawatomi language? Couldn’t understand this “tongue?” It was spoken in Indiana for thousands of years before the coming of the chemokonek, the “long knives.” It is of course a sad commentary on Indiana history and our contemporary efforts to get recognition that almost no one reading this beautiful language can understand what they see. Johnny P. Flynn Podewadmi nene
Reasonable doubts
If the people in a representative government do not have faith in the accuracy of their elections, then it’s only a matter of time until the government will collapse. Fair elections are life blood of democracy. If there are reasonable doubts about the accuracy of computerized voting machines — and I believe there are reasonable doubts about them — we should do whatever it takes to dispel those doubts. We can do this by simply mandating that computerized voting machines produce old-fashioned paper ballots that would be available in case questions about the election arose or a recount was necessary. Deanne M. Gunther Beech Grove
In the story we ran on Universoul (March 17), his real name is Rich Paicely, not Rick. In the Dining Guide listings (March 24), O Yumm Bistro was misspelled as O Yummy Bistro. And, finally, we listed the wrong time for the Chef’s Rendezvous radio show (March 24). It airs Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10 a.m. on WICR 88.7 FM. We apologize for the errors.


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