Tina Barbieri 

Genre: Indie rock

Tina Barbieri has been around the block a few times, musically speaking. Between Bloomington and Indy, the vocalist and bassist is best known for her stints in the indie-rock cover band Situation Grey and one-time major label hopefuls Mysteries of Life. Interestingly enough, it was neither of those two bands she sites as personal favorites.

“I had the most fun in Uvula,” Barbieri says of the Sonic Youth-esque band she founded in the late ’90s. “Fabric too,” she adds, referring to the tripped-out electronic band. “Fabric was great because I actually had input.”

When asked about her involvement in Mysteries of Life, the “lots of free sushi” when they were being wined and dined by RCA records seemed to be a fond memory. “Our A&R guy was awesome; there was just no support from the label. They just really dropped the ball, like the single they chose to put out [‘Going Through the Motions’]. It’s a good song, but of all the songs on that record ... they could’ve done more.”

In the midst of major label chaos with Mysteries of Life, Barbieri had a tough choice to make with her other projects Uvula and Fabric. Ultimately, the latter two won, and she quit Mysteries. Even though the group continued to tour in support of the albums Keep a Secret and Come Clean, it was eventually dropped from RCA and found a home on the No Nostalgia label with the 2001 release Distant Relatives.

Recently, Barbieri has been paying the bills as a massage therapist but is also working on a new project entitled Toulouse Toulouse with longtime friend and collaborator Chris Kupersmith (currently playing guitar for Gentleman Caller) and Jason Cavan (bassist for You Will Die).

The project is a little more pop rock than some of her past ventures, but the demos show promise, and it’s great to know that such a talent is still contributing to our scene.

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