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The customers were wrong. David Stern was understandably hard on the Pacers following the brawl in Detroit. But by failing to penalize the Pistons for the behavior of their fans, Stern, in effect, is saying, “The customer is always right.” Not in this case. Fans are accountable, too. Fan behavior won’t improve until it’s held against the teams they supposedly “support.”
This Bird has flown. And another thing about the brawl ... Where has Larry Bird been in all of this? Here we have what many are calling the darkest incident in American sports and Larry Legend is nowhere to be seen. The Pacers need leadership now more than ever. Bird’s invisibility has been a major disappointment.
Get off the moral high horse. Colts head coach Tony Dungy should just concentrate on trying to beat New England instead of criticizing the Monday Night Football/Desperate Housewives segment last week.

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