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What time is it? In the dream no small dreams department, Gov.-elect Mitch Daniels delighted his corporate buddies by announcing that his first order of business will be to advocate for a single time zone for all of Indiana. The budget deficit, abused children, decrepit schools and our degraded environment will have to wait.
Thinking globally. On Nov. 7, the Sagamore Institute’s John Clark hosted a political science discussion and question-and-answer session with four local academic experts on foreign relations. More than 60 people found their way to the event on a Monday evening. Hopefully, Clark will keep these thought-provoking events coming.
Mission impossible. With the presidential election over, body bags are filling quickly in Fallujah this week. Our ongoing attack on Iraq — once hailed as “Mission Accomplished” by our president — is only going to get bloodier and seem more senseless as time goes on.

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