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Coming out. It was encouraging to see that even in Indiana — where the presidential race has long been considered a forgone conclusion — many more people took the time to exercise the right to vote. Hopefully, this trend for a higher turnout will continue with each upcoming election.
All recycling not equal. Whose bright idea was it to put the Bush-Cheney sign on the front of the Republic Recycling truck that was making rounds in So Bro on Election Day? Republic may be a private business, but they fulfill a public function and electioneering isn’t part of their contract. Recycling plastic, glass and newsprint is one thing; a presidential administration is another.
Just jurisprudence. The judges in Ohio who banned partisan challengers from making life difficult at the polls on Election Day made the right choice. This kind of voter intimidation — like the negative reaction to new voters coming out across the country — smacks of the kind of racism and elitism that tainted elections in America a century ago.

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