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Wal-Mart concedes with cash. Residents at the Plainfield mobile home parks that will soon be leveled to make way for a new Super Wal-Mart will be given $2,000 from the company to help with the cost of relocating. Wal-Mart announced the decision last week.
Leave the pea-shake houses alone. In a state with its own lottery and legalized gambling — as long as it’s on a boat — cracking down on small-time games of chance in African-American neighborhoods is a hypocritical waste of time and public resources.
Making animal welfare a news priority. WRTV-6 showed its understanding of the seriousness of animal torture with its top story for their 11 p.m. broadcast Thursday, Aug. 5. Lawrence police described the incident of animal cruelty that a 15-year-old-teen acted out on his family’s pets as the worst they had ever seen.

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