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Mickey Bush. Disney, parent company of Miramax, is refusing to release Michael Moore’s potentially damaging documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 about links between the Bush family and wealthy Saudis. Disney, it seems, is afraid of getting on the bad side of Bush — whose brother is governor of Florida. Complain about Disney’s censorship at
Don’t sweat it. SweatX and American Apparel, two California-based companies, are making T-shirts and casual clothing in non-sweatshop atmospheres. The clothes cost more ($18 for a T-shirt vs. $10 from a sweatshop), but the workers get paid a living wage of $12.50 an hour, double the minimum wage. Visit or
Pot calls kettle … whatever. Last week, the Gannett-owned INtake gave thumbs down to the exorbitant ticket prices for the upcoming Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel concert. This offspring of the Wal-Mart of newspaper publishers is grousing about selling out to greed, and decrying corporate interests?

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