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Gov. Joe Kernan. Earns a higher grade than Mitch Daniels and legislative Republicans by not only coming out in favor of full-day kindergarten and pre-K programs, but also proposing a way to pay for them.
Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson. New rule blocking face-to-face visits in local jail is harsher than state prison policy, hurts prospects for rehabilitation through family ties and is a poor security substitute for fully staffing the jail.
President Bush. Long-promised immigration plan sounds more like Rent-A-Serf for corporations, and former Treasury Secretary O’Neill says president was disengaged, warmongering and clueless on economics.
Sen. Evan Bayh. Prodigal Democrat Bayh comes part-way home, reducing his rate of votes agreeing with President Bush from 79 percent two years ago to 55 percent in 2003.
Indiana economy. State’s $1 billion deficit projected to grow and Indianapolis Star reports personal bankruptcies are at a record rate. Bankruptcy blame sometimes put on credit cards, but many are forced to use Visa to pay for health care.
State Reps. Jeb Bardon, Woody Burton, Bill Crawford and state Sen. Tim Lanane. Lawmakers sponsor Home Owner Protection Act to stop predatory lending practices (“Bad Loans and Broken Dreams,” Cover, July 17, 2002).

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