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Doris Anne Sadler. Marion County clerk gives year-end bonuses to her lowest-paid staff, many of whom are eligible for food stamps. Mayor Peterson and council Democrats register Scrooge-like objections. A bad omen for living wage ordinance?
Chief Justice Randall Shepard. Indiana Supreme Court whines that pay is “ruinous” to the state’s judiciary but they must “pass through the cloud of this calamity” of $115,000 salary to do their jobs. Objection: Lack of perspective, your honor.
Mayor Bart Peterson. Last week, mayor reports progress on deal to keep Colts in town, also acknowledges lack of action on promise to help homeless. Blueprint to Prevent Colt-lessness a higher priority than the homelessness version.
U.S. Courts of Appeal. The 2nd and 9th Circuit both reined in First Cowboy Bush, ruling that he exceeds his powers in keeping 660 prisoners in no-lawyers no-charges Guantanamo Bay detention and in declaring U.S. citizen captured in U.S. as enemy combatant.
President Bush. After polls show many Americans would back it, Bush comes out in favor of constitutional ban on gay marriages. Look for GOP to make this a polarizing and homophobic-izing 2004 election issue.
Iranian democracy activist Gov. Joe Kernan. State finally abandons fight against court decisions acknowledging that severely mentally ill children in Indiana are entitled to residential treatment under federal Medicare law (‘Brandon Collins 1, Gov. O’Bannon 0,” Oct. 23, 2002).

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