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President Bush. Capturing a brutal dictator is definitely a good thing. Making sure a fair trial occurs will be an example of justice for the world. We’ll decide in 2004 whether the cost was worth it.
Randall Tobias. New Bush AIDS czar and former Lilly CEO tells NPR’s Day to Day that he saw first-hand that African AIDS victims can be treated in the most rustic settings imaginable. Now get the medicine to them ASAP.
U.S. Supreme Court. In upholding most of McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law, USSC abandoned flawed money-equals-speech logic. Now it’s up to Congress to pass real reform to stop legalized bribery of candidates.
Environmental activists. With Thursday’s sale of 1,500 acres to create a new state forest (“IPL to Sell Undeveloped Morgan County Land,” Dec. 10-17), environmentalists didn’t get everything they wanted. But their overall success proved the power of citizen advocacy.
Congresswoman Julia Carson. Indianapolis’ representative demands that Bush stop blocking court-ordered judgment from Iraq owed to U.S. POWs tortured during the Gulf War. Some of the rebuilding money diverted to Halliburton can be spared for these damaged heroes.
Iranian democracy activist Shirin Ebadi accepted the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, warning that human rights are threatened not just by terrorists, but also by countries using Sept. 11 as pretext for abominations like the U.S.’ Guantanamo Bay detentions.

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