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U.S. health care. A market-driven system gives us plenty of Viagra and Vicodin (if our e-mail “in” boxes are to be believed) but not enough flu vaccine to go around. Anyone surprised to learn this isn’t a problem in Canada?
Professor Florence Roisman. IU Law-Indy professor gets right-wing grief for objecting to Christmas tree display in state school lobby. Last we checked, there’s still separation of church and state. If the display is so secular, why isn’t it called a Muhammad-mas tree?
State of Indiana. Analysis by Indiana Coalition for Housing and Homeless Issues (ICHHI) shows the state left millions in federal funds for working poor unspent from programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit and food stamps.
Councilor Beulah Coughenour. Republican is outgoing in her term and her words, chastising colleagues as “cowardly” for ducking smoking ban vote and “rude” for shutting down citizens who came downtown wanting to testify about sewer problems. We’ll miss you, councilor.
George Bush, WalMart and Cintas (work uniform manufacturer), top three in Monday’s voting for the dubious distinction of Grinch of the Year (“hearts two sizes too small”) as chosen by Central Indiana Jobs With Justice.
Mitch Daniels. We gave the GOP governor nominee a down thumb last week for supporting I-69, but he gets it up this week for coming out in favor of all-day kindergarten.

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