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Capitol idea

If you think that Central Indiana citizens should have the right to vote on whether to tax themselves for an upgrade to our public transit system, the need for your input at the Statehouse is no longer just critical, it's urgent. Start TODAY with your district's state senator and representative. Call AND email. Then, take a trip to the statehouse. Track down your lawmakers and hand deliver a letter that summarizes your position. Don't quit until they commit to a position. Be sure to hold them accountable for that position in the next election. If you hail from small-town Indiana but now live in Indy, visit your hometown lawmakers, too. Let them know that their constituents are NOT being asked to subsidize urban transit, that Indy is NOT asking them to vote for a tax increase. Indy is asking for local control — period. The Indiana Citizens' Alliance for Transportation is collecting signatures in support for the Regional Mass Transit Plan at


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