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Ellen Kizik Throwdown Emerson Theater Sunday, Feb. 19 $12-$14
Straight out of Orange County, Calif., Throwdown brings their head-throbbing, hardcore-induced sound to Indianapolis this Sunday. Their fourth full-length album, Vendetta, was released in January 2005 and is a step up from Haymaker, their breakthrough 2003 release. The band consists of Dave Peters on vocals, Matt Mentley on bass, Mark Choiniere on guitar and Ben Dussault on drums. According to lead singer Peters, Throwdown has never been a band for critics or the press. What they do maintain is loyalty to their true fans. "We have all changed over the years, but when we write our music, we try to stay true to ourselves as well as our fans. It's not always easy because we may lose fans along the way, but we also gain new ones." Vendetta's lyrics are personal and the music simple. "The lyrics provide a bridge between our experiences. The songs are about different people in my life, ranging from family to total strangers or even enemies," Peters said. Overall, Throwdown's message to the world is that they are here to stay no matter what anyone says. Having been compared to the likes of Pantera doesn't hurt their reputation, either. "It's certainly flattering being compared to one of our biggest influences, but it's not everything to us," Peters explained. For one of the leading hardcore bands in the music scene today, the band seems very modest. As for their live shows, well, simplicity is key. "Our shows are very stripped down. We are very interactive, creating a bridge between the stage and audience," Peters said. Since the band doesn't incorporate any unnecessary special effects, the audience can enjoy them for their great music. Also performing are The Red Chord, Still Remains and A Dozen Furies. Throwdown will be on tour this spring with In Flames.

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