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Feb. 10, 1992- After being accused of raping a college freshman in an Indianapolis hotel room, Mike Tyson is convicted at Marion County Courthouse, and sentenced to six years in prison. He would serve three, then continue reap the fruits of America's flimsy judicial system at the expense of anyone who pissed him off or made him horny.

Feb. 7, 2010- In the climax of their first season with a new coach and a new stadium, the Colts are trounced in Superbowl XLIV by the New Orleans Saints, following a nearly perfect regular season. The Saints’ onside kick to start the second half would be remembered as the most surprising moment in championship game history, ever since Sparky was ejected for Unnecessary Ruff-ness in Puppy Bowl III.

Feb. 8, 1959- Future “Playmate” Pamela Jean Bryant is born in Indianapolis. The IU alumn first appeared in Sept. of 1977, in the “Girls of the Big Ten” issue.


Feb. 7, 1964- The Beatles arrive in New York. Their legacy would be celebrated by millions all over the world for decades, until the film “Across the Universe” is made, causing much of the world to wish their plane had just crashed somewhere over the Atlantic.

Feb. 8, 1915- D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation” premiers in Los Angeles. The racist reimagining of the Civil War era in America would become widely regarded as one of the great achievements of film history for its artistic and emotional merit. Almost 100 years later, the film is still recognized for its far-reaching influence on modern film classics such as Beer for My Horses.

Sidebar: Tyson's comments in May of 2003, regarding the woman that accused him of rape in 1991- "...Just a lying, reptilian, monstrous, young lady. I just hate her guts. She put me in that state where, I don't know, I really wish I did now. Now I really do want to rape her and her fucking mama."

His cameo in "The Hangover" really doesn't seem so funny now.


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