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Jan. 27, 1870- The world’s first “fraternity for women” (modern-day sorority) is established at DePauw University, in Greencastle, IN. There’s no joke to make here—that’s actually an impressive and underappreciated accomplishment for Hoosier women. In a state that’s often blasted for its social conservatism, it’s refreshing to know that the perception is only that.

Jan. 30, 1973- Holly Noelle Roehl (Miss Indiana, 1996) is born—she made the semi-finals, however I could not stomach enough of a Miss America competition on YouTube to find out exactly where she placed. In 1990 she was crowned Miss Teen USA in Georgia, leaving me wondering if her move was a Hillary-Clinton-Esque relocation for the sake of political gain. I didn’t vote for her.

Jan. 30, 1998- Howard Stern premiers in Indianapolis. 12 years later, Howard Stern still gets paid for being worthless.


Jan. 23, 1941- Charles Lindbergh appeals to congress to negotiate with Hitler. He would hold the record for the world’s most suicidal political move until Howard Dean’s freak out at the Iowa caucus—which of course would later be broken by Sarah Palin’s belligerent use of the phrase “blood libel.”

Jan. 24, 1935- The world’s first canned beer goes on sale. 75 years later, Miller Brewing Co. would come out with the equally impressive Vortex bottle, appealing to the same demographic that made Larry the Cable Guy successful.

Jan. 24, 1980- U.S. Military announces weapons sales to China. It would later be remembered as the last time America exported something to China besides cash.


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