L.C. Clemons tells it like it is

L.C. Clemons tells it like it is
Linda "L.C." Clemons is Indianapolis" Bargain Diva, that"s for sure, but some may not realize she"s also the First Sista of Indianapolis. In addition to her weekly appearances on Fox 59"s morning show, where she shows off her latest consumer finds, for the past few years she"s hosted Sister Talk, a Saturday morning talk show on WXNT-AM 1430, where she talks about romance, sex and issues specifically directed at African-American women.
Linda "L.C." Clemons, left, host of WXNT"s "Sister Talk" program, chats with entertainer Melba Moore on the air.
"When the listener turns on the radio, they think that they"re in my house," Clemons says. She"s had activist/comedian Dick Gregory, the spiritualist Lillian Cosby and many other controversial guests, but the focus is on women"s issues. "We talk about health, self, wealth and empowerment," she says. "We laugh, we cry and, yeah, sometimes I"m going to say something that"s going to tick you off and your temperature is going to rise. But that means I"m getting to you, that I"ve touched something inside you. If there"s no emotion, then there"s no reaction." But issues of the heart and soul are always at the forefront of her program. "We talk about why women can"t be trusting with men," she says. "We talk about why men feel they have to have so many women. We talk about our insecurities and what it takes to keep a relationship together. I"m always excited when I hear about couples who have been together for 25 or 30 years. We talk to them and find out how they did it." Clemons got into broadcasting somewhat as a fluke. After sitting in for Amos Brown on his WTLC-AM talk show, she was offered a chance to work with DJ Guy Black on his highly rated morning show. She says her first thought was "I can"t do a morning show. I can"t get up at 4 o"clock in the morning and spin records; my makeup isn"t even on." She worked with Black for four years on WTLC-FM, an experience which has helped her in her current duties. "It was a learning experience for me," she says. "When you"re on the radio, you always have to be on. People expect that, when they"re having a crappy day, you"re going to lift them up. It doesn"t matter if you don"t feel like it, you have to be on." From there, she was given her own show, Sister Talk, which started on WTLC-AM and recently moved to competitor WXNT. She claims Oprah Winfrey as a spiritual mentor. "I had a chance to spend a full day with her in Baltimore and it was wonderful because she"s an individual I connected to spiritually," she says. "To hear about her trials and challenges was an honor." She says, "In doing this particular show, I try to reinforce the concept of giving. The more you give, the more you get back. When you give with an unselfish heart, it comes back to you in ways you don"t expect. If I do you a favor and call you back 48 hours later and ask you what you"re going to do for me, it won"t work. But if I do it because it"s a love thing, my blessings are going to come from elsewhere." Not only does Clemons connect with her listeners on the air, she creates "Sister Events" where they can come together and talk about the issues of the day. National celebrities such as actor Shemar Moore and singer Melba Moore have addressed Clemons" events. "So many women have been taught to hold things in. Our grandmothers were told not to talk about things. Don"t talk about incest. You just didn"t talk about those things," she says. "A lot of women are tormented. What I do is bring it to the forefront and let them talk." Another one of her favorite topics is the issue of urban romance. It"s harder for people to get together because of the fast-paced nature of city life. She says, "We live in a fast-food world. There are even places in the country where they have drive-through funerals. We don"t even have time to mourn anymore. It makes it harder on relationships. "The best way to find a good mate is to simply not look for one. Whatever you"re looking for, you need to become. Act the way you want to be and soon you"ll be the way you act. They say misery loves company, but that only applies to miserable people."

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