2009 in review: Punk 

The Dojo Opens!

...Then closes... Then opens again! Yeah, it sounds confusing, but that's the story on the fledgling venue, located on the corner between The Emerson and J Clyde's on 10th Street. At a capacity of a little over 100, it would be at a nice halfway point between basement-sized shows and larger club or bar shows - if it could just stay open. Some grumpy neighbors complained about the noise in the fall and summoned a fire marshal to kill the party. It's back up and running now, but with strict curfew rules - all shows MUST end by 10 p.m. I highly recommend checking out the venue before it gets shut down again. Right now, only hardcore shows are being booked, but hopefully that will change with time. Cross your fingers that this stays open and continues to grow.

Jookabox's Dead Zone Boys

After a name change (from Grampall Jookabox) and a line-up expansion (from a solo act to a four-piece), local indie-weirdo-whatever-punks Jookabox are ready for the big time. Their new record boosts iPod-commercial-ready jams (the extremely infectious "You Cried Me") and well as the trippy drug jams (the molasses "F.I.T.F. #1"). These dudes (and one chick) are poised to blow up all over the national music scene. http://www.myspace.com/jookabox

Local boys jump ship

Bloomington heroes Prizzy Prizzy Please have moved on to a bigger pond. After years of weed-cloud enshrouded basement shows and wild bar sets, my favorite local band has decided to move to Chicago. Sure, they'll be back to play, but I still miss my Prizzy! www.myspace.com/prizzyprizzyplease

Cincy gets crunk

Hailing from the Over The Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati, eclectic power trio The Read meshes groovy sensibilities with crusty aesthetic. Imagine if the Rapture dressed like punk bikers instead of American Apparel hipsters. They've played Indianapolis four times in 2009, each time to bigger and bigger crowds. Let's hope they crank out a full-length and make it back here many a time in 2010. www.myspace.com/readlikered

Packing the E.S. Jungle

The E.S. Jungle sucks for small shows, but bigger shows there are great. The Zero Boys packed the house in the spring and The Casualties did it again in the summer. Sure, you're supposed to outgrow the Casualties' simplistic hardcore punk by the age of 17, but for some reason I can get "Gabba gabba hey! Punk is here to stay! Hey ho lets go! Sniffing glue all day!" out of my head. www.myspace.com/thecasualties

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