The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked 

Book Review

Book Review
By Nafeez M. Ahmed Tree of Life Publications; $16.95 Comprehensive and superbly documented, this book provides a startling and disturbing insight into the plot behind the Sept. 11 attacks. Author Nafeez M. Ahmed convincingly suggests that the U.S. government effectively facilitated the attacks, protected those responsible, blocked all attempts to prevent the attacks and maintained extremely close political, financial, military and intelligence ties to key figures who supported those who were responsible.
This is not a wild conspiracy theory but a serious political and historical analysis with 735 footnotes and 260 online links. The author does not pretend that the conclusions outlined in the book should be final. On the contrary, his conclusions are drawn from the best facts and inferences available. It is his desire in this study to raise the alarm that an in-depth investigation is desperately needed into the events of Sept. 11. A summary of the facts on record include: ï Both the U.S. and the USSR are responsible for the rise of religious extremism, terrorism and civil war within Afghanistan since the 1980s. ï The U.S. approved the rise of the Taliban, and went on to at least tacitly support the movement, despite its human rights abuses, to secure regional strategic and economic interests. ï The U.S. government and military planned a war on Afghanistan prior to Sept. 11 for at least a year, a plan related to control of Eurasia and the oil and mineral fields. ï The U.S. government has consistently blocked investigations into the Saudi royal family, Saudi businessmen, the bin Laden family implicated in supporting Osama bin Laden and other terrorist operatives. ï The U.S. has consistently blocked attempts to indict and apprehend Osama bin Laden. ï The U.S. government has allowed terrorist suspects linked to bin Laden to train at U.S. military facilities, financed by the Saudis, as well as U.S. flight schools. ï High level elements of our government, military and intelligence and law enforcement agencies received numerous credible and urgent warnings of the Sept. 11 attacks, which were of such a nature as to reinforce one another. ï In spite of extensive forewarnings, the U.S. Air Force emergency response system collapsed systematically on Sept. 11 in violation of clear rules that are normally and routinely followed. This is an event that could only have occurred as a result of deliberate obstructions to the following of the Standard Operating Procedure for emergency response. ï To succeed, such systematic obstructions could only be set in place by key U.S. government and military officials. ï The Pakistani secret service was being funded by the U.S., which in turn funded Mohamed Atta, the lead hijacker. ï Bizarre options trading on airline and World Trade Center stocks, activity which the CIA monitors, was ignored. The publication of The War on Freedom is a testament to a free society, but one that is under attack by the power elite.

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