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I just finished your article in the NUVO March 14-21 edition (“The Cost of War”). Bravo, I commend you on your uncovering and exposing the truth. It’s amazing how many things can be swept under a rug, isn’t it?! I believe that what has continued to keep our country a divided country in so many ways is the generation teaching the next generation to keep their heads down, in the sand, go along like sheep to the slaughter, keep the bad-doers in office and look the other way mentality.

Unfortunately, history has shown it takes too long for a majority of the people to look up and really take notice of what’s going on in this world. If there was as much attention on the discrepancies in our government as there is on Anna Nicole Smith or Tom Cruise ...

Thank you for the cover on the said edition and the article to go along, it was sadly enlightening, and I’ll be making copies to send around to the cowering friends that I know voted their president into office, re-elected him and thus voted for his war. Keep up the good work! 

Ande Kobek

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