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All hail Danzig

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The Sword's origin story is not exactly legendary, but it is spoken of in reverent tones by band's wishing to have the same type of success. The basics: Austin musicians JD Cronise, Kyle Shutt and Trivett Wingo formed a heavy metal band primed for Black Sabbath lovers; got nabbed for a tour with Metallica, signed to heavy metal label Kemado Records, cut a couple records, placed a track on Guitar Hero, made a hot sauce, etc., etc.

The delightful little nugget missing from that origin story? A well-placed link on a decade-old interview lead me to this fact: It was thanks to a Misfits cover band that Shutt and Cronise really came together. Perhaps I'm just overly rapturous of Indy's own Misfits-loving Punk Rock Karaoke band, but when I got guitarist Kyle Shutt on the phone before The Sword's show at The Vogue on Friday, I had to ask him about it.

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Shutt says: "[A Misfits cover band] was how me and JD met – not met, but how we ended up playing music together. We were both in a bunch of bands around Austin. He was in some party rock bands; I was in a hardcore band. He had been talking about wanting to do something heavier and I had been talking about wanting to do something less in-your-face than a hardcore band. He and a bunch of our friends were doing a Misfits/Samhain/Danzig cover band thing for a Halloween party that was in Halloween of 2003. Their guitar player wasn't able to do it in the end, and I somehow got the call to come in and do it. That was when [JD] and I started talking about maybe making a new band together. At the show itself, he gave me a Sword CD, a demo, drum-machine deal. That was it. After that, we started jamming. In March of 2004, we played our first show. A couple years later, we were on tour with Metallica. It was kind of weird! [laughs] But it all started with a Danzig cover band."

(And as for what they're looking forward to when they come through Indy again? "Alley Cat. A guy that used to work for us for a few years – his name was Sarge – he lives in Indy. He took us around that part of town a little bit. That will be super fun, and I'm sure we'll end up stumbling down the alley to the Alley Cat.")


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