The lenient courts 

“Tyranny of the Gun” written by David Hoppe in the May 14-21 NUVO is right on the money ... if you are totally uninformed as to the use and ownership of weapons in this country. Again we have an anti-gun zealot espousing an opinion that guns are a living breathing organism. Maybe Mr. Hoppe should look at those prosecutors working out plea agreements and the judges that accept them. I would venture a guess that most, if not all the guns used in the crimes mentioned, were stolen or illegally obtained at the least. Also those using the guns were carrying them illegally, and very likely had been charged with the same crime and plea bargained their way back onto the streets. Please tell us, Mr. Hoppe, when that gun is stuck in your face by a multiple offender, breaking every firearms law already on the books, do you choose to die or protect yourself with a lawfully owned firearm? In every country that has tried to outlaw firearms, violent crime has soared.

Criminals have no fear when the general public has been disarmed. The fear is not of guns but of a decaying society. As a gun owner I certainly expect to be held accountable for my actions as a law abiding citizen. The problem is not with me or the millions of others like me, nor with the guns. The problem is with those that have no conscience, no goals and no worry of being held fully accountable for their actions by the lenient courts. These types of attacks and murders will continue, unless, Mr. Hoppe, you have an answer for these societal ills.

Richard Fiscus

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