"The Idle American" 

Week 1

Week 1

ComedySportz"s weekly talent show is searching for Indy"s next big thing. Maybe it"s just me, but shouldn"t there be talent in a talent show?
The first week"s winner Tom Ems: the next Bach Street Boy?
The comedic pride of notoriously straight-faced Columbus, Ind."s Ed Jones was feeling nostalgic. "Things are different now than they were in the "80s." Uh-huh, like maybe he was funny then. Next! Jeanne Stevens sings "Light in Your Eyes." Lance Manion asks, "Where"s the cotton for my ears?" Up next, a personal ad. Donna Worton doesn"t need a man; she wants a man. If that man happens to be a therapist, I"m all for it. Let"s be honest, though: sex sells. A move in the right direction. Tom Ems has hair like a rockstar. Finally, an island in this sea of fools. He also played the cello or something ... who has time for all the small stuff? Note to Tom: Ditch the violin. We"re going to need to add some singing, maybe some choreography. Talk to Jeanne. Steve Harris does impressions. Not bad, but he sounds too much like somebody I"ve heard before. Ultimately, Ems takes the cash, grabbing the first spot in the Nov. 7 finals. The Idle American runs every Thursday night through Oct. 31 at ComedySportz, 721 Massachusetts Ave. Tickets are $5, call 951-8499. Fabulous. Lance Manion, the bastard child of gypsy circus performers, was raised in an underground government laboratory whose purpose is still unknown. Seldom heard and never seen, Manion is a talent consultant to network executives.

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