The deflated ones 

[this article is satire]

[this article is satire] Brian and Jeff, two 30-ish members of the National Socialist Movement, are on their way to Indianapolis for their rally. They are driving in Jeff’s Pinto wagon that is mounted on a monster truck frame with five-foot-tall tires. Brian: Ah, it’s a beautiful day to be white, ain’t it? Jeff: Jawohl! Brian: I’m sure glad those cops are going to protect us at this rally. I’d hate to get my pretty uniform dirty. Jeff: Jawohl! (They pass a woman who is walking on the sidewalk.) Jeff: Ach du lieber! Look at her! (Jeff whistles at woman, whereupon Brian smacks him on back of head.) Brian: You Schweinhund! I could see all the way over here that she was an impure, non-Aryan specimen! (Jeff sulks.) Brian: Did I tell you that I’m having my name legally changed to Adolf, and my girlfriend is having her name changed to Eva? Jeff: Your girlfriend Drumilla, the pimply one? Brian: Yes. Jeff: Wow. Das ist ein Schnitzelbank! (Tinny strains of Wagner emit from the dashboard loudspeaker.) Brian: Here is our parking spot. We are now here. (Brian parks the vehicle. All four tires inexplicably and simultaneously deflate.) THE END

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