The Day the Earth Stood Still 

Dour remake of the 1951 cautionary sci-fi classic starring Keanu Reeves as an alien sent to Earth to ... well, what he's up to is the question, isn't it? Where the original played down the special effects, this one is all souped-up visually. Shame the script is so flat. As in the original, Klaatu (Reeves) spends a lot of time with a woman (Jennifer Connelly) and her kid (Jaden Smith -- Will and Jada's boy), but there are no shadings here. The first two-thirds is engaging, but the wrap-up is a let down. Listen close during a noisy action scene towards the end and you can hear, just barely, Reeves shout the iconic phrase "Klaatu barada nikto." 104 minutes. DVD INFO: Includes deleted scenes, a commentary track, four featurettes and, on the three-disc edition, the original film and a digital copy of this one.

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