"The April Show" 

Visual Arts Preview | Friday

Outsider, low brow or art brut, call it whatever you want - they"re all acceptable terms for artwork made outside of the mainstream art world. Think Grandma Moses. Just how outside the mainstream art world they actually are, or really should be, is a subject for another day.
Harry Blomme"s "Streetlamps" will be available at "The April Show."
The April Show is an art exhibition and party that showcases the works of homegrown outsider artists, some of whom have dealt with homelessness, mental health issues and the like. Very reasonably priced from $30-$400, with all sales going to the artists, The April Show has grown to be one of the finest exhibitions of this nature around. And so, the event has grown substantially each year with more artists participating and more art for patrons to purchase. Sure, there will be great food and desserts, but this is not just a shallow stand-around-and-be-a-part-of-the-art-scene art show. No, the intent is truer. The April Show artists prepare all year for the show, and with good reason. Last year, featured artists made enough in that one night to pay about six months" worth of rent. Still, the attention and praise the artists receive during the course of the evening is as meaningful to them as the money they earn. NaÔve, intuitive, folkish, unpretentious, idiosyncratic and/or void of technical formalities, the work is necessary therapy for the artists. It"s how they interpret the colors and the mood of the world around them or in their heads. Like any artists in any genre, they wouldn"t be themselves without the art outlet. The April Show, Friday, April 25, 7 p.m., takes place in the home of organizer David Hittle, 322 N. Arsenal. For more info, visit www.aprilshow.org or call 974-1163.

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