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OK, Thanksgiving dinner is over and the house is packed with relatives. You love them, but you sure wouldn"t mind a break. Sending them off to the movies would be nice, but who should go where? What follows is a look at films that just opened and a few ideas. Adam Sandler"s 8 Crazy Nights What to expect: a gross-out holiday cartoon about a Scrooge-like guy getting redeemed by a little man with a horribly annoying voice over Hanukah. Warning: contains images of grinning deer with shit on their teeth. Don"t take: anyone who didn"t giggle when Uncle Ralph farted at the dinner table. Do take: fans of juvenile humor, Adam Sandler fans, Uncle Ralph. Treasure Planet What to expect: Disney cartoon set in the future and based on Treasure Island. Warning: contains a wacky robot sidekick. Don"t take: anyone cynical. Do take: the kids, hard-core Disney fans. Far From Heaven What to expect: a shiny new version of a "50s-style melodrama. Warning: It sags in a couple of places. Don"t take: kids and other easily bored people, anyone who goes, "Ewww!" when two men kiss, anyone who says, "I like movies that move!" Do take: fans of outstanding filmmaking. Solaris What to expect: George Clooney bumps into his dead-and-buried wife on a space station in a dreamlike film with deliberate pacing that raises questions while providing virtually no answers. Warning: You only get to see Clooney"s butt twice. Don"t take: kids and other easily bored people, anyone who didn"t like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Republicans. Do take: college students, film buffs, Clooney-ites. Extreme Ops What to expect: Extreme sports guys vs. spies. Warning: sounds a lot like XXX without Vin Diesel. Don"t take: whoever switched channels when the Mountain Dew commercial came on TV, people who prefer stories. Do take: everyone who is playing outside right now. They What to expect: a monster. Warning: They didn"t screen it locally, which is never a good sign. Don"t take: Grandma with the heart condition. Do take: people who watch every TV adaptation of a Stephen King novel. 8 Women What to expect: French comedy/musical. Warning: subtitles. Don"t take: the kids, anyone who hates reading. Do take: Cousin Jean-Paul, anyone over 40 who can handle subtitles.

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