Thank you Laura McPhee for a well-researched article on pig factory farms (Cover, “Factory Farms,” Aug. 23-30)! These factory farms make me so angry and are SO wrong, on every level.

When agribusiness' ONLY concern is offering ham and bacon at low prices, the real price of production is spread elsewhere: a miserable, unnatural life for the animal, a totally trashed environment and antibiotics and hormones in human food.

My sister, who lives on the north shore of Lake Erie, fought for years the pig factory farms springing up near her. Those pig farmers have spread manure in fields just before it rains, and have set up manure lagoons almost on the shores of Lake Erie, with the result that the beaches there are often closed due to e. Coli contamination. The pig farmers, by the way, are just middlemen hired by international corporations, whose owners live many miles away.

Whether Gov. Daniels knows it or not, encouraging factory farms into our state is like opening Pandora's box.
Michael Pollan gives a feel for the factory farm business in his new book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, available at the library. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s article, "Crimes Against Nature," which first appeared in Rolling Stone magazine, can be Googled online.

Once again, thanks, Laura.

Evelyn Dysarz


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