"Television Hates Itself" 

Audrey Barcio + Phil Barcio  
Four stars

Sidecar Gallery;
Murphy Art Center

We love TV. Viewers swarmed in front of the TV monitors in Audrey and Phil Barcio’s installation “TELEVISION HATES ITSELF” at Sidecar Gallery, the narrow exhibition corridor just outside Big Car Gallery. Identically small-sized monitors hang evenly spaced along one wall. Each monitor simultaneously flashes a self-deprecating slogan about itself — television. The anthropomorphized machines tell viewers that television hates itself “because it never wanted all this influence, because it wants to be happy like everyone,” or “because of the hell it has to put you through.” Text appears in various black fonts against a white screen. We read the text (no other images) like pages in a book. In fact, Phil Barcio presents the text in handmade, limited edition book form. I also overheard Barcio compare the feel of the installation to a meat locker. He’s right. I rate the qualities of each screen like a customer comparing beef or HDTV monitors in an electronics store. Only this display is the anti-Best Buy. So why does TV suddenly have a conscience? Has it realized society’s thoughts, even actions, might be tied to technology and media moguls? See the show, then you decide. Through March 29, 317-450-6630, www.bigcar.org.

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