Tax horror stories - from the FUTURE! 

[this article is satire]

[this article is satire]

Chief Deputy Mayor Michael O’Michael’s presentation at the opening of Gen Con this weekend was interrupted by the arrival of a platoon of alien Klingons, who turned the rally into an impromptu “Tax Tea Party” as they voiced their displeasure with the city’s property tax increase. A Klingon commander who identified himself only as Bork the Indestructible intoned, “K‚ragh msh kalara h‚rgh $726 Mng aruth Meridian Kessler!” just before he and his brethren yeowled a collective scream of civic catharsis.
Chief Deputy Mayor Michael O’Michael uses his infant daughter as a human shield against irate Klingons protesting the property tax increase.
A Vulcan Starfleet translator repeated his words as “You could argue we’re rich just because we have a $726,000,000 starcruiser floating over the Meridian Kessler quadrant, but rich Klingons don’t have a drafty command module and paint peeling in the officer’s lounge. Today is a good day to throw the bums out!” The perplexed translator said that though the words fit together into a sentence, they made no logical sense.

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